White Fudge Candy Recipes

White Fudge Candy Recipes
A sandwich can stand alone, but adding side dishes can enhance your delicious sandwich. Salads or soups are wonderful complements to a sandwich. If you want a small sweet treat, try this easy candy recipe.

I like to save money. Buying several kinds of candy for dessert plates can be expensive. My recipe is versatile and one recipe can yield several different kinds of candy, just by changing the add-ins and coatings. This is a lovely candy recipe to use in interesting dessert plates. It is perfect for an afternoon tea or sandwich buffet. Take this to a potluck dinner for a light dessert.

White Fudge Candy Recipes


14 ounce can of sweetened evaporated milk (like Eagle Brand)
12-18 ounces white chocolate chips (depending on how stiff you want your candy)
2 cups mini marshmallows
1 teaspsoon vanilla
Sprinkle of salt
Add-ins to taste (Some add-ins are dried fruit bits, nuts, coconut, and crushed hard candies.)


Pour the sweetened evaporated milk into a heavy saucepan. Don?t scrape the can, unless you want very loose fudge. You can pour some coffee into the can for a sweet coffee treat. Add the chips and heat over a low flame, stirring almost constantly until the chips melt. Add the marshmallows, vanilla, and salt, stirring until the candy is smooth. Now the fun begins!


Fudge Variations
Prepare the fudge containers by buttering or spraying them with non-stick cooking spray. While the fudge is still warm, add your favorite special extras into the fudge. Pour it into the prepared dish and let it cool before cutting the fudge. For a decorative look, you may also press some of the special mix-ins into the top of the poured fudge.

Dried fruit bits-cranberries, blueberries, pineapple, chopped apricot, and raisins.

Nuts-Add chopped pecans, walnuts, black walnuts, pistachios, or slivered almonds. You can toast the nuts, if you want some extra flavor and crunch.

Coconut-Stir in finely chopped coconut and top with toasted coconut.

Red, White, and Blue-Add dried blueberries and cranberries to the fudge.

Candy Cane-Stir in broken bits of candy cane. For a more intense mint flavor, add food grade mint oil, instead of vanilla.

Truffle Variations
Truffles are little round bits of sweetness that have been rolled into a coating. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to the coatings! The coating can be smooth, like cocoa or powdered sugar. Others can be rough, like finely chopped nuts. Let the fudge cool slightly. Prepare your coatings. You may use several different coatings in separate containers with one batch of candy.

You want the candy to be cool enough to handle, but still a little warm. That helps the coatings to stick. If you need to let it cool completely, it won?t ruin the candy. Roll the candy into small balls that are no larger than a walnut. Roll each ball into the coating. For rough coatings, squeeze the candy gently to press the coating into place. Place the coated balls in a single layer into a flat container that has a lid. Cool the truffles completely before putting the lid on. Store the truffles in the refrigerator or freezer until they are ready to use.

Nuts-Using a food processor, finely chop your choice of nuts. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, black walnuts, and pistachios can be used.

Smooth coatiings-Powdered sugar, cocoa, matcha powder, peanut butter powder, cinnamon, garam masala, lemon sugar, and almond flour can be good choices for smooth coatings.

Red, White, and Blue- Dye shredded coconut separately as red and blue varieties. Leave some coconut white. Let the coconut dry. Roll some balls into the red, others into the blue coconut, and some into white coconut. Arrange them in decorative patterns on a platter.

On a recent day, I made one batch of vanilla candy, but I crafted six different candies. I made three kinds of vanilla fudge-toasted pecans, black walnut, and coconut. I made three different types of truffles rolled into various coatings-powdered sugar, cocoa, and finely ground coconut. They were all delicious with our lunch sandwiches!

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