Delicious Frick’s Ham Slices Review

Delicious Frick’s Ham Slices Review
Have you ever bought sliced ham for sandwiches that just did not come up to your standards? Maybe it was too salty or didn’t have that rich smoky taste. Perhaps, the smoky taste was more of a nasty chemical flavor than a real hardwood smoke flavor. Recently, I had some special guests who had requested ham sandwiches for our lunch. I didn’t want to serve a sandwich that was less than delicious, but I also didn’t want to bake a ham to get ham that was worth serving. I put my research skills into gear and started searching for some truly delicious ham. When I saw that Frick’s ham was processed in an allergen free processing plant, I knew that I had to try their ham slices.

Sold in 40 states, Frick’s Quality Meats is a family business that was established in 1896. Five generations of their family have taken their meat processing business from a local business in a small Missouri town to a company that sells nationally. Their website, at Frick's Quality Meats, has a store finder, so that you can determine where to get their products in your locality. They also sell hams online. Frick’s website contains helpful hints about cooking and carving hams, too. It also allows you to see their other products.

There’s a lot to enjoy from the Frick’s Quality Meats folks. In addition to smoked ham, they have low-fat, smoked turkey slices. I love the taste of Frick’s Braunschweiger on crackers or celery and their diced ham is exceptional for using in wraps and recipes.

What separated Frick’s from the rest of the ham slices that I previously bought? Taste was the first thing that I noticed. There was that smoky taste, rich and delicious. It didn’t taste like so many hams that are either lacking in smoke or sprayed with a smoke-like chemical that leaves a disgusting after-taste. With Frick’s you get a smoke flavor that sits gently on the tongue. The texture of the slices is firm, yet tender. It’s not held together with some strange gelatin-like substance. Too often, ham slices either lose their integrity when they are heated, or they shrink and get tough. When I heat a piece of Frick’s sliced ham, it stays moist and tender, yet it is lean with no greasiness. Their ham slices are a lower-fat food that still tastes great.

A one pound package of Frick’s Hickory Sliced Ham has 8 servings of 2 ounces each. Those two ounces contain 50 calories, and 10 calories is from fat. That translates to 1 gram of fat, 1 gram of sugar; the rest is 11 grams of protein in each serving. Their high quality ham is processed in small batches, using brown sugar, and hickory or Cherrywood smoke. With the low calories and fat, I can enjoy a couple of pieces of ham on my sandwiches, without guilt or breaking the nutritional bank!

As long as I can get my hands on Frick’s ham slices, and I would be willing to drive as far as 50 miles to do so, I will never buy any other sliced ham. The rich smoky flavor, lean meat, and unparalleled texture will keep me coming back for more. In the related links below, you can find some ideas and recipes for sandwiches that would be mouth-watering, when you make them with Frick’s Quality Meats’ ham slices.

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